50+ Simple Mehndi Designs for Eid 2014


Simple Mehndi designs for Eid are one of the most searched topics by girls these days because of approaching Eid. Special preparations are made for this occasion and preparations of females are incomplete without mehndi or henna. To look different and prominent among all every women want a unique and eye catching mehndi design like other things. Adorning your hands with henna is an art and requires skill and time so most of the girls prefer easy Eid Mehndi designs for hand. This is because they could draw them on their hands and feet by their own. We have collected 50+ Simple Mehndi designs for Eid 2014 and the best feature of these is that you can draw them on your own.


This year Eid mehndi designs are not very changed from the previous year. They include Arabic Mehndi designs, Indian Mehndi Designs, Pakistani Mehndi Designs and the latest one is Moroccan Mehndi Designs. Arabic patterns are in fashion for many years because of their bold designs. Similarly Indian designs are liked very much because of their very fine and beautiful combination of vines and flowers. But Moroccan Patterns are now getting popular. The main feature of these designs is the use of geometric shapes with a charismatic combination of flowers. Although these patterns require a lot of practice and skill but perfectly combined flowers with lines and triangles will make your hands look more appealing.

Another new thing that makes your hand more beautiful is the use of glitter mehndi and beads to adorn it. Glitter is mostly applied in combination with pure henna. The filling is mostly done with glitter with outline of pure mehndi. Colorful beads and diamantine are also used to embellish it. They are available especially for this purpose and can stick on hands easily. Mehndi designs for eid are now also drawn with markers of black and brown color. They are useful when you want urgent henna and you can beautify it more by the use of glitter and beads.

In our today’s collection you will find all type of designs from Arabic mehndi designs to glitter mehndi designs. Choose any one of them and make your Eid preparations more ravishing.


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