Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs 2013


There are different types of mehndi designs and Mehndi styles. Different types of mehndi designs like Indian Mehndi designs, Pakistani mehndi designs, Sudani Mehndi designs etc. Among all these designs rabic mehndi designs are the most popular mehndi designs. Arabic mehndi designs are popular because they are easy to make, stylish, and prominent as well. Keeping in view increasing popularity of Arabic mehndi designs, today I have decided to share Arabic heena designs.

Arabic mehndi designs for EID

Arabic mehndi is applied on hands on different occasions. Girls love to apply mehndi on hands and feet on the occasion of weddings, eid etc. As eid 2013 is coming so I have collected very latest, stylish and beautiful Arabic mehndi designs for eid 2013. I have collected Arabic mehndi patterns for eid 2013. I have collected all the mehndi designs in Arabic style for hands. The floral patterns and designing of all the mehndi designs is very beautiful. These mehndi designs in Arabic style are easy to make. You can try these mehndi designs in Arabic style at home. You can use cone mehndi for making these mehndi designs.

Finishing of Arabic mehndi designs is very important. For good finishing of mehndi filling of mehndi is very important. Proper and neat filling of mehndi design will give neat and good finishing. In my todays gallery you can see stylish and latest Arabic heena designs for hands. You can try these Arabic mehndi with little amendments according to your own choice. Hope you will like our latest collection of eid mehndi designs 2013 in Arabic style.


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