New Bridal mehndi designs in 2013 for hands and feet


Among all the bridal preparations of marriage mehndi or Heena is very important. Especially in the eastern countries special designers and beauticians are hired to apply Heena or mehndi on bridal hands, arms and feet. Many brides’ select mehndi designs for their wedding and on their wedding they made those selected designs on their hands and feet. If you are also going to marry then we have some latest, stylish and beautiful bridal mehndi designs for you. We have selected different styles of bridal mehndi which includes Indian and Pakistani bridal mehndi designs.

In year 2012 and 2013 traditional Tikya designs of mehndi are more popular among brides. Usually those simple and traditional tikya mehndi designs are made on the back of hand while on the palm filling thin and complex designs are made. But mainly it depends upon the choice of bride. Keeping this thing in mind I have selected all types of mehndi designs which includes traditional bridal heena or mehndi designs, filling mehndi designs, floral mehndi designs for brides, tikya mehndi etc . Bridal mehndi designs for arms and wrists are also displayed while some new and unique bridal feet mehndi designs are also shown.

Now a days Mehndi with red color is also getting popularity we have also included some designs in red mehndi and glitter bridal mehndi as well. Some designer’s bridal mehndi designs are also included in our todays post hope you will like these stunning bridal mehndi designs.


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