Radiant Orchid Color Of The Year 2014


Here is another fashion update!!! Pantone has recently announced color of the year 2014. The announcement of pantone is good news for purple color lover and a woman as the color of the year 2014 is feminine shade of purple i.e. Radiant Orchid. The color of the year is quite different and unique from that of the previous year but yet very fabulous.

The color of the year 2014 is the color of imagination and creativity, says the executive director of pantone. So, this imagination and creativity also brings versatility in fashion industry. As before, today we are going to tell you about the color of the year 2014. The good thing about this color is this that you can adopt this color in each and every category of fashion, from your shoes to make-up.


The color of the year 2014 is radiant orchid, so we are sharing with you some of the dresses in radiant orchid color. Always keep your color complexion in your mind and then choose the shade, fabric or stuff and contrast of the dress. Mostly silver, white and black contrasts look best with radiant orchid color.


Make up is an important part of woman’s preparation for a function.  The color of the year 2014 is radiant orchid so women must have some know how about the make-up of this color. Never use this color in excess in you make-up for your face as this will make your face looks heavy.


Hands and feet are the reflection of your personality and nails are important part of them. Nail art is very common now days so how can we skip it in telling you about the color of the year 2014. Radiant orchid nail polish looks good not only singly but also with the combination of other colors.


Radiant orchid shoes and bags look classy with matching dress. The color of the year 2014 is radiant orchid so you can also carry shoes and bags of this color casually. A high heel radiant orchid shoe with fancy clutch and formal evening gown will make your looks more admirable.


We have given you information about every category of fashion then how can we forget about jewelry. Jewelry has an important place in woman’s life. There are different ways in which you can use color of the year 2014 in you jewelry. Some are given below and I hope you will like them.


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