Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners


It is said that hands depict the personality of a women. So, to help you increase your beauty we are here with Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners. Nail art is a complex art and many people avoid it doing on their nails themselves. In this post we are sharing with you easy nail art designs step by step. These easy nail designs to do at home are not only simple nail designs but are also very easy to be applied.

Acid Wash Nail Art Designs:

This is one of the best and Easy Nail Designs for Teens. You have to start with your base coat of your favorite nail color and then apply the top coat. After drying, apply the contrast color nail paint on the top coat and let it dry. Then dip a Q-tip in acetone solution nail polish remover and gently remove the contrast color coat until you get a fine acid wash look on you nails. Finish your nail art by applying the top coat.

Half Moon Nail Art Designs:

This is an easy Nail Design for Beginners at Home. You will need two nail colors and a French manicure sticker or page reinforce sticker. First apply the base coat and let it dry. Now apply the French manicure sticker in the shape of half moon on the nail. Then paint you whole nail over the sticker and wait till it dries. In the end remove the sticker and apply the top coat to seal your nail art design.

Micro Bead Nail Art Designs:

Only very few nail art could be applied and look appealing on short nail. But this is one of the Easy Nail Designs for Short Nails. Things required for this nail art are base coat polish, top coat nail polish and micro beads or glass beads. For best result you must use the base coat and micro beads of same color. Apply the single base coat to you nails and after drying apply the second one. Now quickly pour you beads or put you nail in beads container when the nail polish is still wet. After some seconds gently press the beads so that they may get fixed. Apply the top coat with caution if desired.

Needle Dragging Nail Art Designs:

This is quite complex yet very eye catching Nail Art Design. You have to start with transparent base coat. After drying of base coat put drops of you desired color nail polish on your nails. Then spread these drops making different patterns. In the end apply the top coat to finish you nail art. You can use more than one color for having different designs and patterns.

Ombre Nail Art Designs:

This is a Simple Nail Art Design but look very decent and gorgeous. You will require make up sponge, top coat nail polish and two nail polishes of different colors. Start with a base of color you like and let it completely dry. Get some nail polish of other color on make up sponge. Gently dab the sponge on half of your nail from tip to down the base. You can also use third color if you wish. In the end apply the top coat so that you nail art could be sealed.

Splatter Nail Art Designs:

This is another Funky Nail Art Design for teens. Start with a base coat and let it dry. Now globule or drop some nail polish colors on a paper separately. Dip a straw in these blobs and splatter it sharply on your nails one by one. Neat you design with acetone and a cotton pad. You can also apply Vaseline or tape on you finger around your nail to avoid messing of nail color.

Taping Nail Art Designs:

This is from the most Common Nail Art Designs. It is very easy and only requires your creativeness. First apply a neat base coat on your nails and dry it. Cut the small pieces of tape and attach them firmly on the areas where you want the base color to remain. Then apply the second color nail polish and then third one according to your design. Give finishing to your design by top coat.

Water Color Nail Art Designs:

For water color nail art designs you will need more than two nail polish colors according to your choice. In this Easy Nail Art Designs your base coat should be white or transparent. Add very small drops of nail polish of your desired color on your nails above base coat. Then spread the nail polish with brush dipped in nail polish remover or acetone. Similarly apply different colors for getting different patterns and shades.


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