Eid Kurta Designs for Men 2015-2016 New Collection


They say it is women who spend a lot of time on shopping and spend hours to find what suits their taste. However, men do not lag behind in the shopping craze anymore when it comes to festive seasons like Eid. Men are equally conscious about their dressing as women. Every year the market is bombarded with different varieties being offered by different brands particularly the formal and casual Kurtas and Shalwar Kameez. It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, these are the most comfortable clothing that you can wear everywhere and at home too. Pakistan has a variety of brands to shop for formal events, weddings or casual gatherings like Junaid Jamshed, Maaz jees, Gul Ahmed, Dynasty, Chinyere, Naqsh, Eden Robe and Moosa jees.  This year brands have poured down with great Men Kurta designs for Eid along with quality materials simply exceeding our expectations.

Designers made sure that they maintain our cultural traditions and pepper them with a taste of modernity. Undoubtedly Kurta Shalwar for boys is a perfect traditional dress and you can also wear Kurtas with jeans just to spice it up with more style. In this year’s Kurta collection, you will notice digital printing on sleeves, cufflinks and neck lines. The fine and delicate embroidery will not only give you an attractive but also a very formal look. The color scheme set by designers this year suits both men and boys as some prefer to wear dark and bright combinations while others adorn themselves in light colors. Another noticeable shift in trends this year is use of ban collar on Kurtas and Shalwar Kameez instead of the one used previously. Mostly men these days prefer to wear ban collars. Ban collars have also been integrated in formal and casual shirts as well.

Let’s have a little overview of some of the top kurta brands in Pakistan. Naqash kurta designs by Nishat linen is well known brand that surely never compromises on quality. This year their collection is as spectacular as always. Bonanaza shalwar kameez has made use of light embroidery, stitch patterns and some very nice colors that majority of men prefer to wear. Gul ahmed kurta designs has made drastic improvements and has come out with a collection that is bound to make them a trend setter this year. After all, they have been serving the fashion industry since the last 6 decades. Al-Karam keeps it all decent and simple this year. You won’t find a single design that is over embellished or overdone which is what makes their collection elegant and graceful. Junaid Jamshed kurta collection has made use of warm colors like dull mustard, navy blue, orange, beige, and brown along with stylish patterns.

You should also have a look at different types of fade haircuts for men to try on this Eid. For more latest hairstyles, visit Mens Hairstyles Web.

Enjoy this eid with stunning Kurtas and become the head turner!


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