Pakistani wedding party dresses – Embroidered Party dresses 2012


Wedding season is on its full swing now a days. Colors of happiness, love, joy, and traditions can be seen every where in pakistan. So wedding party dresses are also searched by relatives of bride and groom. The functions of marriage are important not only for the bride or groom but for the everybody who is near and dear to the bride or groom and going to attend the function of marriage. The preparations for attending the fuction of marriage in Pakistan are totally different from other parties and functions. Special preparations are done for the functions of marriage which include traditional fancy dresses, fancy shoes, makeup and fancy jewellary. Dress is the most important among them. Fancy wedding party dresses are used for the function of wedding. These dresses are bright in color and embellished with stones, beads, sequences etc. The wedding  party wear dresses used for the function of mehndi, Walima, etc are embroiderd. Here we are presenting very beautiful collection of fancy party wear dresses for the wedding functions.
Greens, yellow’s orange etc are best for the function of mehndi while others like red, white, purple, pink etc are best for other functions. Our collection includes designer’s dresses by Mohsin Naveed, Nimsay, Kosain kazmi, style coture, Sheep,Salehaz, Xenab etc. In year 2012 Party dresses are still designed in long shirts, A-line shirts, frocks, open shirts etc. you can select fancy party wear dress for the wedding function by our fashion gallery of party dresses 2012. They will give you a very stylish, and elegant look. Hope you will like our unique collection of fancy wedding party dresses.


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