How to apply eye liner according to your eye shape


Eye liner is the part of makeup which is used to define eye shape. Eye liner defines the features of eyes and it can make your eyes big or small depending upon the techniques used while applying eye liner. Today I am also here to discuss how to apply eye liner for creating different effects. I will discuss some techniques today which will help you to shape up your eyes in different ways. You can camouflage the defects of your eyes if you know how to apply eye liner properly. I have already posted an article In which I have discussed how to apply eye liner in different styles.

How to make eyes larger by applying eye liner

If you have small eyes and your goal is larger eyes then you can use dark liner like dark brown or black depending upon the color of your skin. Don’t apply eye liner on the water line. But apply your darker eye liner under the water line. This will make your eyes appear big. You can increase the size of your eye little bit by defining the shape of eye. To give soft and fresh look to your eyes use white eye pencil on inner corners of eye.

How to apply eye liner to make eyes oval

Apply eye liner on the upper lash line and make the middle part of liner thick. This will make your eye shape oval if you have round eye shape.

How to make eyes look closer by eye liner

Apply liner on the upper eye lid lining the eye lashes. Make inner corners of the eye liner thick to make eyes looking closer.

How to increase distance of eyes by eye liner

Apply eye liner on the upper eye lid lining the lash line. Make outer corners of your eye liner thick. This will give illusion of increased distance between eyes.

Hope these tips will help you to know how to apply eye liner properly and how to create different effects by applying eyeliner in different styles. You can see pictures as well where we have displayed different ways to guide you how to apply eye liner on eyes. You can follow the steps given in pictures  to get perfect eye liner.


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