Latest Indian Half Saree Designs & Trends 2014


For years women have been draping themselves in the usual everyday sarees. Yes every saree is beautiful, classy and elegant but it’s time for a twist. Have you heard of the half saree? The saree is divided with two contrasting colours giving it an oomph factor. In this article you will find latest Indian Half Saree Designs 2014.

In a half saree, the pleats are generally in a different colour than the rest of the saree. While the trend seems modern and innovative, the truth is it’s been there for years, we just haven’t noticed it. The half saree is an inspiration from South India where it is common to see girls between puberty and marriage wearing what they call Langa Voni. In their tradition the half saree signifies the coming of age for young girls. This transition into adulthood is celebrated by the grandparents handing over a Langa Voni to the girl. She can now do away with the traditional skirt and blouse which she wore in her childhood and take on the more complex drapes of a saree.

Latest Indian Half Saree Designs 2014

The beauty of living in a country like India where there are so many diverse cultures is that we can never run short of inspiration. Knowingly or unknowingly we get influenced by the different traditions and adopt them into our own lives. The beautiful half saree would have remained simply a tradition if not for the media attention which made it famous. Fashion designers influenced by the South brought the saree on the runway adding their own magic to it. Soon it caught the eye of many Bollywood actresses who fell in love with the trend. More and more celebrities could be seen flaunting their gorgeous half sarees on the red carpet. The contrast of colours looks excellent in the spotlight.

Half Saree


The traditional Langa Voni has undergone a lot of changes in the last few years with designers adding western influences to it. You can now find half sarees with stylish embroidery or mirror work, lace or even zari work. Even the choice of fabric used in a half saree has diversified. No longer is it just cotton, now you can get half sarees in fabrics like chiffon, crepe, georgette, silk or nylon.

The one thing to remember when purchasing a half saree is the right contrast of colours. It’s meant to be bright and eye catchy. Try a black and pink colour combination or even a contrast of orange and purple. Many people avoid black in their wardrobe but with a bright colour in contrast to black you have the ideal party look. A half saree is perfect for a special occasion as it is sure to turn heads.

Indian Half Saree Designs_2

If you want to purchase a half saree online shopping is the way to do it. There is a diverse collection of half sarees online which you could never find at any local saree shop. You will be pampered for choice on sites like Zohraa where the sarees are breath taking and the prices are just right. It’s a must have in every woman’s wardrobe.


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