Men kurta designs in green color – Spring Kurta Collection 2013


Few years back it was considered that only girls are crazy about fashion but now a day’s boys are also very crazy about fashion and they are also very serious about their looks. The main reason of this change is media. Internet and online fashion websites really boost up the trend of fashion and style and now a day’s  everybody has recent updates about new fashion trends and followers of new and latest fashion trends are also greater in number due to media. Last days we have posted a lot of articles about female fashion and today we are here with some latest fashion trends of men in year 2013.

Many people know very well that emerald green is the color of the year announced by pentone . This color is used not only by females in their outfits but males also want to adopt this fashion color and toady we have idea for you about this color and how you can use this color in your outfit. We have collected some beautiful Indian and Pakistani kurtas designed in traditional style and the important thing about them is that all these kurtas are designed in green color. As green is the color of the year 2013 and if you are planning for making formal or casual dress according to latest fashion then you can go for kurta in green color as this color will give your dress trendy look.

We have selected all kurtas in green color some of the designs are simple which are best for wearing as casual dress while some formal kurtas are also displayed in our gallery which are best for wedding functions. Some fancy kurtas in green color are also included which can be used on the occasion of wedding for mehndi because green and yellow are the colors used by bride and groom on mehndi. These formal green kurtas can also be used by relatives of bride and groom on the function of mehndi. If you are interested then you can order us with the link of the kurta via mail. Hope you will like these men kurta designs in green color.


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