Latest Platform Shoes for Men 2014


Platform shoes for men are a blessing for those men who want to have increase in their height. In previous times short heighted people could not do anything to cover their short height. This thing leads to decrease in the confidence of most of the persons with this problem. Men are more cautious about their height as compared to women. Women could overcome this problem by wearing high heel but men could not do this. So, initially, to solve this problem there were men shoes elevators available that were placed in the shoes to increase the sole size of the shoes. But these were not very easy and comfortable to use. For this reason many of the shoes brands have now launched especially designed elevated shoes for men with short height.

So today we are sharing with you Top Three brand of latest platform shoes for men 2014. Height increasing shoes vary a lot in their prices. The more comfortable and quality the shoe is the more will be the price. While buying such shoes always choose that shoes which keep your gait gentle and balanced rather than only considering the height increasing factor of it. Top brands of men elevator shoes this year are as follow.

DON’s Footwear:

This is very famous and somewhat expensive brand in platform shoes for men. They use Midsole Tech in their shoes and most of them are hand made. These things made them more demanding among others. Their shoes are available in different heights of elevators i.e. you can buy them according to the comfort of elevator. From formal to sneakers DON’s elevator shoes are a perfect blend of style and comfort. For detailed information you can visit


With their three outlets in different continents, they are considered to be the fast company shipping men platform shoes. Bugarri shoes elevating length is medium. So if you like medium elevations in height then just go for Bugarri shoes. Their shoes can increase 5 to 14 cm of height. Their Essentia collection has won the heart of many people who want to look taller. This is because they are made up of pure calf skin leather. You can easily buy any of casual, formal and sneaker shoes for yourself from their website


A Caldon shoe is a company that produces quality and some what cheap height increasing shoes for men. Their shoes are quite unique in their style and it quite difficult to guess that they are aided with elevators. The style of shoes, finishing and material are combined in a way which results in a very comfortable and eye-catching look of the shoes. You can buy their shoes from their official website as well as from buy cheap running shoes website.


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