Nail art designs for girls – Nail art ideas 2013


Craze of nail art designs is increasing among young girls. New designs for nail art can be seen on magazines, fashion websites etc. we have also shared some nail art ideas and bridal nail art designs in our previous posts. Different and latest styles of nail paint we shared in our previous posts. Today we are also here with some new nail art style collection. Different types of nail art styles are selected today for our viewers which include simple nail art designs, glitter nail art style and nail art pattrens with beads.

In simple nail art pattrens one or two shades of single color of nail polish are used. For example if you are using green nail polish then you can use different shades of green like light green, leafy green or emerald green with a dark shade of green like olive green. If you are a teenage girl and you are crazy about brand new nail art designs then we have some tips for you. We suggest some colors which you must keep in your nail art kit. The colors which are mostly used in making nail art patterns are white, black, silver etc. white and black are the colors which are considered most important in nail art. These colors are used mostly in making nail art  because they can be used in contrast with every color. Even if you are not very good at nail art or you are a beginner then you can make beautiful nail art designs by use of these colors.

You can see in our gallery that simple dot styles, lining styles or filling style nail paint patterns on simple nail enamel can give fantastic look. You can get ideas about these easy designs of nail art from our pictures we have selected for you. You can make your nails  more attractive by using beads, stickers or glitter on them. So have a look on our nail art designs and try new and latest collection of nail art.


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