Natural Updo Hairstyles for Black Women


Natural Updo Hairstyles for Black women are thought to be one of the difficult things to manage. One of the reasons behind this is that hairs of colored women are of thick texture and are curled naturally. Updo hairstyles are mostly preferred for prom and wedding. And for such special occasion, when you want your every thing to be perfect, your style of hairs must be special and eye catching also. So we are sharing with you some of the very nice and appealing Updo hairstyles for African American women.

Straight Updo Hairstyles:

These days most of the black women like straight hairs for a change look. Straight hair add more beauty to a high bun. Unlike previous days you can straighten your them at home as there are quality brands of hair iron available in the market with complete instruction manual. Applying little amount of straightening product will prevent them from damage due to heat.

Have a look at Eva Marcille Pigford red carpet hairstyle. This is the simplest style which you can easily try even at home. Pull back your hairs after making them straight in a low bun. Hold it in place using hair pins and strong holding spray.

Eva Marcille Pigford hairstyles for women

In this hairstyle hairs from half of head are tied back in the form of pony tail and then braid is created. This is then styled in the form of bun of medium height whereas the front hairs are cut in bangs and are side parted.

Anika Noni Rose updo hairstyles 2014

Braided Updo Hairstyles:

Braids are the traditional look of black women. You can even mix together the braids other hairstyles which will suit well for such functions. Braided hairstyles are more lasting than any other style so you can have these for occasions where you have to spend more time with same perfect hairs.

Like this you can also use braids for adding beauty to your simple bun. For this you have to make a high bun of back hairs by rolling them in the form of locks. Keep you bangs straight on front and wrap a braid around your bun for a classic hairstyle.

Braided updo hairstyles with bangs 2014

Making a lot of braids of your hairs and then style those in the form of crown will impart an innocent and traditional look to you. For this you can use bobby pins and edge control pomade so that it will give a fine and neat appearance.

new braided hairstyles for black women

Natural Updo Hairstyles:

Most of the women think that straight hairs are necessary for prom or any other formal function to be decent. This is wrong and you can go with your natural curly hairs by shaping them beautifully in natural updo hairstyles for black women. These will keep your hairs healthy as they are saved from heat of ironing. So have a look at these two easy updo hairstyles for black women.

Make a loose pony tail first and then fix or adjust your hairs to give the shape of soft bun by leaving some strands free. You can also adorn it with accessories like in the style below.

Natural updo hairstyles for black women

This is in fact the least time taking hairstyle. You will need to tie your hair to the back of head giving a broad look. Then adjust the curls with hand and in the end fix them in place with the help of strong hair spray.

Updo hairstyles for African American women

Updo Hairstyles with Accessories:

There are many hair accessories available that beautify you your hairs and make you hairstyle more attractive. Previously, they are adorned with natural flowers only but now there are metallic flowers, catchers, beads and fancy pins. With the help of these you can easily embellish your updo hairstyle for weddings.

This elegant flat twisted braided updo hairstyle is nicely adorned with beads that seem fabulous on this hairstyle.

New bun hairstyles fpr weddings

The beautiful artificial flower with small beads in wire has prettified this neat and sophisticated top high bun with locs.

wedding hairstyles for black women 2014


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