Party makeup 2012-2013 – Latest makeover trends


In 21st century rarely we can find a female on casual and formal parties without makeup. Every woman wants to be different, beautiful and attractive and make up helps to do it because make up enhances the features and adds beauty and improvement if done properly. So let’s talk about latest makeover trends and tips 2012-2013.We will discuss different steps and parts of party makeup in detail and latest trends of party makeup, eye makeup, lipstick trends, and foundation.
Foundation is very important as it can cover all the imperfections and skin pigmentation, blemishes etc. So foundation should be applied in a proper way on face as well as on your neck ears etc. to give even look. Blending of foundation is very important to give smooth imperfect make up finish. If your skin is dry then use oil based or moisturizing foundation, while for oily skin water based foundation or pancake base should be used. Use ivory and pinkish shades on light tone while yellow and peach tones are best. Use face powder to give a matte look while use f loose powder is also good.
Eye makeup:
Eyes are most important part of the face. Beautiful eyes can attract attention of every body and you can make your eyes appear bigger and beautiful by proper party eye makeup. For neat eye makeup your eye brow shape should be done properly. Remove excess of eye brow hair but don’t make them too thin. Then use eye base which will make your eye makeup last for hours and then apply eye shadows. In years 2012-2013 metallic eye shadows, smoky eye makeup and Arabic eye makeup are very famous. More over eye makeup of 1960’s is also in vogue in Pakistan and India as it gives pure feminine looks to eyes and make eyes appear bigger. While smoky makeup although it’s very in but it makes your eyes look smaller. Arabic eye makeup trend is increasing day by day as it gives very beautiful look to eyes just like eyes of doe. If you are going to apply Arabic eye makeup then don’t forget to use artificial eyelashes. Use thick long lash mascara to give volume and use eye lash curler. Kajal liner beneath eyes should be used in Arabic eye makeup. You can see pictures of Arabic makeup below. For smoky makeup perfect blending is very important dark colours like gray and black should be used on outer corners of eyes and for evening party makeup use little bit glossy or shimmery shade on inner corners of your eyes to make your eye makeup attractive. Don’t forget to use high lighter below eye brows and its proper blending especially for evening or night party makeup. In year 2012 and 2013 eye make trends cat and winged eye liner styles are in vogue. Long eye liner can make your eye appearance bigger. Thick and long double liner styles can be used in Arabic party makeup. You can get ideas about eye liner styles by one of our older post.
Blush on:
Use pink and soft shades on fair skin and peach shade of bluish on dark skin. Powdered blush on should be used for oily skin while liquid blush on is best for dry skin. Blending is very important in this step as well. As blush on can enhance face features especially of your cheeks and jaw line.
Red and rouge shades are very in this year but if you have done smoky or dark eye makeup then use soft shades like pink, peach, skin etc. Lip gloss can also be used especially for evening eye makeup.


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  1. June 10, 2013

    […] stuff usually net or chiffon. Silk hijabs are also used. As marriage is very important occasion so makeup and accessories are also important. Bridal hijab of Arabic brides is usually decorated with […]

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