Sana Safinaz Latest Eid Collection 2014


Here is good news for early birds of fashion. Sana Safinaz Latest Eid collection 2014 has been launched and is available at their stores from 26th of June. Sana Safinaz is one of the most famous brands in fashion industry because of its quality clothes in a reasonable price. The brand launched in 1989 is now very popular in their premium lawn collection. They have introduced many unique combination of embroidery on this stuff and they are really best in this. Another thing that make Sana Safinaz collection 2014 most demanding is that it is very traditional consisting of long shirts, jump suits and tunics or dressing gowns.


new Sana Safinaz eid collection 2014

The latest Eid collection 2014 consists of lawn and cotton dresses as the Eid is approaching in summer and this stuff is appropriate for this season. The collection is almost same as Sana Safinaz summer collection 2014. The difference in both is that this collection consists of dresses with little bit heavy embroidery. The collection consists of shirt, dupatta and trouser whose special features are given below.

The Shirts:

Shirts of Sana Safinaz collection 2014 are mostly of lawn stuff. The prints are quite unique like paisley patterns and Turkish designs. The embroidery is mostly of thread and tilla and as they are meant for eid so the neckline and daaman of shirts are heavily embroidered. Sleeves also have the same embroidery of small size that gives a quite elegant look to whole dress.

The Dupatta:

Dupatta is the thing that make the collection most attractive. This is because the stuff of dupatta is chiffon or silk… yeah its pure silk! This thing make the whole dress look more formal and beautiful. Dupatta have the same or similar print as that of the shirt like crisp Turkish designs.

The Trouser:

The trousers are simple and are of matching colors. The stuff of these is also lawn or cotton with some having self prints like lining and flowers on it.

Now have a look at the pictures we have gathered from Sana Safinaz Latest Eid Collection 2014. The price range starts from PKR 6350 only and you can order them from their official website.


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