Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes


Eye makeup is the most important thing that helps you to change your looks. Smokey eye makeup is very famous among women these days. So we are here to show you Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes. Knowing your face features and use the makeup according to them is the basic key for effective and eye catching look of your face makeup.

The first thing for doing the proper smokey eye make up you should keep in mind your eye shape and use the eye products accordingly.

Hooded Eyes:

These are those eyes in which skin form a hood over the eyes and make them look heavy. For such eyes you should use matte colors of eye shades that range from darker to medium shade. As these eyes are mostly exhibited by older women so you should use light makeup with such eyes. With these eyes use a very thin line of eyeliner near the above lash only

Down Turned Eyes:

The basic purpose of eye makeup for such eyes is to make them appear up. For smokey eye makeup of such eyes apply the eye shade on the 2/3 of the eye from eye socket. Use darker shades on outer edge and apply a very thin line of eyeliner.

Close Set Eyes:

These eyes are located very close to each other and for them you must use light shades of eye makeup on inner corner. For outer corner use the darker shade not only on upper part but also extend it to little bit on lower part. Apply the liner in a way that it is thicker from the inner edge and thinner from outer edge.

Almond Eyes:

Almond eyes are the blessing of God as you can use your eyeshades as you wish with these eyes. If you have applied the shades in perfect proportions then your eyes will look magnificent. For this eye shape the eyeliner must be applied on upper lash and should be thicker from the middle and thinner from the edges.

Many beauticians have uploaded Smokey eye makeup tutorials for brown eyes. We have chosen this tutorial for you as it is a self makeup video.

The beautician Teni has explained almost every thing in detail from the brushes used to the product brand and number. Hope this eye makeup tutorial and our tips will help you a lot in doing a perfect brown eyes smokey makeup at home.




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