How to Accessorize the Formal Wear for Weddings?


Soon after Eid ends, the wedding bells will start to ring. Yes, you all know that subsequent to this festive time of year awaits a wedding season.  Weddings in Pakistan are pompous, unlike in the west; you have so many other days including: Bridal shower, Mehndi, Mayoon, Dholki and finally the wedding day. These Weddings and connected days makes such a perfect platform for your ramp walks that allows you to  flaunt your style, wear lots of make-up, try different hair dos and utilize the heavy jewelry stored in your wardrobe. Obviously, you are not going to wear a tank top combined with denim you have just splurged on. There is a complete separate shopping spree for that extravagant nuptial shopping. You already knew that, right?

Many leading brands like go tangerine has a complete line of clothing for formal wear that has outfits which are designed with sparkling details and glittery embellishments. A wedding is an epitome occasion to make memories and cherish them forever; for this purpose there is a special arrangement for photography and video recording. Who doesn’t wish to look good in those photos and the trending ‘selfies’ we ought to click every now and then during the ceremony?!

Buying formal attires to create a mesmerizing impression is no complex task. You have lots f choices when you go for shopping, lots of colors, designs, embellishments and etcetera. The essential part is the overall dressing for such important occasions; the appropriate jewelry, suitable make-up, sandals, clutches and hair styles. Here, I have few guidelines to share so you can boost your look without over/under doing whatever thing.

-Make-up Rules: If you an amateur makeup pro yourself, there are certain things you have to remember: the color combinations plus designs thus you can give yourself a makeover that complements your dress. Outfits in beautiful dull tones like this one by ‘go tangerine’ should be worn with a bright lipstick shade like red, fuchsia so it can revive your overall appearance. Never overdo your look, keep a balance of shades you decide to use on your face. If the dress is of a brighter color similar to maroon then keep the blush-on darker with a lighter shade of lipstick. Go for a shady eye make-up and pink lips or vice versa.

Pakistani Formal Wear Dresses

– What Jewelry? : Jewelry is vitamin of the fashion… Do not forget to pick some awesome pieces for yourself! You do not want to wear a statement necklace with a dress like this by ‘go tangerine’ that has intricate embroidery on the neckline; the neckline and the necklace will collide and none will be able to create an impression. For such necklines, skip neck pieces and invest in bedazzled earrings and stoned rings. But if, a dress has a rather plain décolletage, wear a statement diamante necklace to spark up your entire outfit.

Formal Pakistani Dress

-Heels and bags: No one really carries oversized bags to a wedding. Bedazzled clutches and sophisticated handbags are so in these days. Carry a glittery, stoned clutch with confidence and enjoy compliments. Heels are love, whether they are stiletto heels or wedges. You can pick one according to your taste and outfit type. An A-line dress best goes with stiletto heels while other straight shirts can be paired with funky flats as well.

-Dress Silhouette: It is not an accessory but the shape of the dress you have just bought is significant.Formal dresses are made in several different silhouettes. Prior to the view of anything else, distinguish which type will flatter your figure the best. A shirt cut according to a Sheath dress will flatter women with slim, balanced figures while A-line with a fitted bodice works for everyone. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable or self conscious regretting your choice every time you look at wedding photos.

-Spurge of colors: The color you decide to wear depends on you but keeping the season in mind can deal with the temperature. In summers, opt for lighter shades while reserve winters for the darker hues. Black, is an exceptional color, it’s always in style and looks flattering on almost everybody. Up first, ignore the myth about wearing nature’s darkest color to one of life’s brightest events. Go tangerine is brand that has a choice of lighter as well as darker shades. Remember! In the end, it is your choice.

-Smile! It’s contagious: yes, Smile! You do not want to look being dull no matter how hectic the occasion might get. Meet and greet people with a flawless smile (even when they are double the amount of invites sent). Weddings are a blessed merrymaking occasion, enjoy it to bits. Furthermore, Smile has an audacity to pass on a livelier impression onto others.

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