Acrylic Nail Art Designs 2014


Acrylic nail designs are getting popular these days. Every beauty cautious girl with all other things always keeps her nails up to date. So to advance your look we are sharing with you some of the best Acrylic Nail Art Designs 2014. Acrylic nails are blessing for these who remain worried about their slowly grown nails. You can adopt these amazing acrylic nail art designs casually as well as formally for different functions.

Acrylic nail art require great concentration as single crook or mistake can ruin your whole nail and then you have to start from the beginning. For acrylic nail designs at home you must be aware of attaching the acrylic nails. First of all you must do a complete manicure of your hands before applying nails. Your nails must be oil, moisture and nail polish free before using acrylic nails. Use the acrylic nail of correct size of nail tip for yourself, if can’t find the one then simply file the nail with acrylic nail file. Now put a small amount of acrylic nail glue to the tip and then attach it to your natural nail. Apply the mixture of acrylic liquid and powder to the attached nail by starting from smile line and go to tip of attached nail. When the nails got set give your desired shape to the nails.

After you are finished with attaching nails you can use any nail art to have latest acrylic nail designs. You can adopt acid wash acrylic nail designs for dual color nails. Splatter nail art will give you choice of using more than two colors of nail polish. Taping nail art technique will assist you in attaining your desired geometric nail art design. The Ombre latest acrylic nail art design is the best choice for the decent look of your nails. You can also adorn you nails by using nail beads, stones and stickers.

Now scroll down to have a look at our elegant Acrylic Nail Art Design 2014 hope you will like them. You can give your feedback in comment section given below.


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