Pakistani casual tops for girls 2013


If we look around for casual dresses then we can see that this year palazzo pants, harem pants, tights and jeans are very popular. As we have number of choices in terms of casual wear dresses so you can pick any one of them and wear them with different tops or shirts. Today we are here with new and stylish collection of casual tops for girls. Tops are very popular in Pakistan these days. So we have decided to share designs of Pakistani casual tops for girls.

Styles of Casual tops for girls

Variety of styles or designs of pants or trousers are available in market for girls these days. Similarly there is also variety in designs of casual tops for girls. You can see in our gallery all the latest and different styles of Pakistani casual tops which you can use with palazzo, harem pants, flappers, jeans etc.

Kurta style casual tops

These days’ casual tops in kurti or kurta style are very in. I have added kurta style tops for girls in my gallery. Kurta style casual Tops for girls by ego are displayed in black and brown color. Both have elegant design and stitching style.

Frock style casual tops

Other styles of tops are made in frock style. Small frocks style tops look best on jeans. These frock style short tops are best for teenage girls. You can see designs of colorful frock style tops in our gallery as well.

T-shirt style casual tops for girls

You can also see t-shirt style casual tops designs for girls in our gallery. These tops are designed in t-shirt style. They have short lengths and they are very popular these days as they look cool with palazzos. T shirts style tops for girls are also displayed in our gallery. Hope you will like them.

Fabric for casual tops

Varieties of fabrics are used in making casual tops for girls. Fabric used for making casual tops must be comfortable and soft. These days’ tops are made by using following fabrics are used for making casual tops.

  1. Linen
  2. Swiss lawn
  3. Arabic lawn
  4. Pure cotton
  5. Chiffon

How to order

Email us at [email protected] to place orders. Please attach the picture of desired dress for price details and other details. You can also send us the link of picture.  Prices will be very reasonable and work will be of good quality. You can also comment us or send us offline message.


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