Bridal Wear Trends in 2023


Bridal Wear Trends in 2023

What makes brides stand out from each other? Their wedding outfits! Every year new designs emerge that leave us stunned and mesmerized with their elegance and grace. Here is a roundup of some of the latest Pakistani bridal dress styles:

Capes & Shawls – These traditional pieces have been given a modern twist by designers this season, making them perfect for young girls who want to keep things simple yet elegant on their special day. Long capes have become popular among Pakistani brides, while shawls come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and embroideries for added sophistication.

Flowy Gowns – Flowing gowns have always been a part of Pakistani bridal couture. This season they have received a major upgrade thanks to luxurious fabrics such as silk chiffon, organza, lace, net, tafetta, and jamavar. Designer duo Shehla Chatoor has brought back peplum sleeves and intricate threadwork, adding more grandeur to these already beautiful creations.

Anarkali Suits – There is nothing like an Anarkali suit that exudes sheer beauty and charm. From heavy embellishments to bold colors, there is plenty of variety available this season, ensuring every bride finds something that suits her taste. Seen at both daytime and nighttime weddings, Anarkalis promise to make any woman feel like royalty as she walks down the aisle.

Lehangas – They were once reserved only for the rich, but lehanga fashion now caters to all budgets thanks to easy customization options. Heavy work, colorful combinations, intricately designed motifs, and fine detailing make today’s lehangas the most sought after attire in Pakistan, whether you wish to rent or buy one online or offline.

Bridal Wear Sets – For those looking for something exclusive, bespoke sets remain a top choice throughout the country. Intricately crafted with crystals, sequins, pearls, stones, gold threads, and a plethora of other materials, no two bridal dresses look alike anymore, making this segment even more unique than ever before.
Sharara Pantsuits – Sharara pant suits have gained popularity recently due to their fusion of ethnic tradition and modern style elements. They often feature a fitted tunic with voluminous straight leg pants, typically made from lightweight fabric such as georgette or raw silk, adorned with delicate embroidery. Some designs also include high collars and long sleeves for an elegant appearance.

Traditional Bridal Lehengas – Traditional bridal lehengas are still a favorite among many brides for their timeless appeal. These heavily embroidered and ornate garments feature intricate floral patterns, vibrant colors, and opulent fabrics like velvet, silk, or brocade. They can range from classic designs to contemporary interpretations featuring unique cuts, layers, or mix-and-match prints. Brides seeking a regal look often opt for these lehengas paired with heavy jewelry and a grand dupatta wrap.

Digital Print Anarkali Dresses – Digital print anarkali dresses offer a fresh take on traditional Pakistani bridal wear, incorporating innovative technology into textile production. These versatile designs showcase vivid graphics, bold colors, and intricate details through digital printing techniques. As a result, fashion forward brides can choose distinctive anarkali styles inspired by cultural traditions, nature scenes, abstract artwork, or even fantasy themes.

Two Piece Lehenga Kurta Outfits – Two piece lehenga kurta outfits provide a balanced blend of modernism and convention, appealing to millennial brides desiring a comfortable yet stylish wedding ensemble. These sets usually consist of a loose fitting, floor length tunic or crop top along with wide legged palazzo pants in similar hues. Many styles feature intricate handiwork or machine embroidery with beads, sequins, or stonework, further enhancing the overall effect.

Overall, Pakistani brides enjoy vast choices in terms of colors, fabrics, embellishments, cuts, and designs that capture diverse sensibilities and personalities. By experimenting with fusion looks, incorporating innovative techniques, and honoring time-honored customs, contemporary Pakistan.

Bridal Wear Trends in 2023


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