Diwali Anarkali Dress Designs 2015-2016


Diwali is an Indian festival celebrating on a large scale. It is a festival of lights approaching on Wednesday 11th November 2015. It represents the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Diwali celebrations lasts up to five days. On Diwali everyone likes to wear ethnic clothes. As always women like to look beautiful that’s why they like to wear exclusive clothes. In 2015 different designers are showcasing their creative collections of suits. One of these suits is called Anarkali. Anarkali suits are the best pick for Diwali, Eid and other major festivals. The Anarkali dress that appeared in fashion during the Mughal dynasty.

The women in India and Pakistan like to wear the dress in parties. Anarkali suits are very famous among women. It is a special suit having its own charm and unique vogue. Women like to wear Anarkali suits with churidar to look more traditional. Anarkali suits are designed and decorated in various different ways.

These are special suits designed traditionally by using different laces and motifs. Mostly these dresses are made of net, chiffon or georgette with the inner lining made satin or crepe. Attractive lace can be used on the neckline,sleeves and on the border. Embroidery can also be done on the back of the suit. Zari and stonework is made on daman (ghaira) and necklines. Duppata can be made with or without lace on the border.

Anarkali dresses use vibrant colour schemes to enhance the beauty of the dress. The combination of blue,green,red,golden,grey and turquoise colours are used to make the dress look exquisite. Because it’s formal look and attractiveness in any form outlines it’s real beauty of the Anarkali dress.

If you purchase an Anarkali dress today and add it to your wardrobe then it will stay in fashion for a long time and you can wear it on on many different occasions.


Anarkali Diwali SuitsAnarkali Diwali Suits

Anarkali Diwali SuitsAnarkali Diwali SuitsAnarkali Diwali SuitsAnarkali Diwali SuitsAnarkali Diwali SuitsAnarkali Diwali Suits


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