Warda Prints Spring Summer Collection 2014


Today we are here with latest Warda Spring Summer Collection 2014. This year Warda brand is the first to showcase their new spring and summer collection. If you are an early bird then you have to visit your nearest Warda outlet as they have recently launched their Warda spring collection and Warda summer collection 2014 recently.

Warda spring and summer collection 2013

Warda was founded in 2006 and since then they always come up amazing styles and prints. There are more than 30 branches or outlets of Warda prints that are working in Pakistan. They are famous for their quality fabric and unique prints of clothes. They not only deal in stitched dresses but also unstitched dress. Warda designer collection is famous all over the Pakistan for its dazzling color combinations and prints. The dresses by Warda designer prints are famous because they are traditional as well as in fashion and trend setting.

Warda designer collection 2014

The stuff used in Warda designer collection 2014 is mostly khaddar, voile, lawn, chiffon, wool and cotton. Warda summer collection 2014 has very unique and fresh colors that look very cool and pleasant. The colors used in Warda spring and warda summer collection are different shades of red, orange, blue and yellow etc. Warda prints 2014 are reliable because of the use of their premium lawn and other high quality fabric in reasonable prices. Another important thing is that all the dresses are with dupatta due to which they are liked by all the classes of society in Pakistan.

Warda prints 2014

The latest Warda collection 2014 comprises of very unique prints. The dresses posses a unique versatility that you can wear them as semi formal and also as formal wears at you functions and parties. The ready to wear dresses of latest Warda prints 2014 are suitable for all age groups of women. The main feature of the collection is that it is available at affordable range.

Warda summer collection 2014


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