Hijab Styles For Round Faces – How To Wear Hijab


Hijab is an important part of Islamic clothing, but, the first thing is how to wear hijab? Choosing a hijab style according to your face shape will keep you comfortable and also give you a modish look. Hijab styles for round faces or for your face shape is the style that will enhance the beauty of face in hijab.

Hijabs are worn according to weather and fashion. Hijab styles for summer are generally loosely wrapped scarf around the face. Today I am going to tell you about the hijab styles for your face shape especailly hijab styles for round faces.

For an easy understanding of hijab styles for round face and hijab styles for oval shape just have a look at the picture below:hijab styles for your face

Hijab Styles For Round Faces:

Have a round shape and you want to wear hijab?? Just try to cover your hijab cap or under hijab below your scarf. This will enhance the features of your face without making it look more round. For hijab styles for round faces, you can use dotted, plain or printed scarf . The stuff should be the one you can carry easily.

Hijab Styles For Oval Faces:

Confuse in choosing hijab style for oval face?? Try anyone you want. If you have an oval face then you have a plus point. Every style of hijab suits on oval shape.You dont need to follow any special tricks like hijab styles for round faces. You can wear hijab with or without hijab cap or under hijab on oval face.

Hijab Styles For Long Faces:

Want to adopt hijab style for long/rectangular shape?? Unlike hijab styles for round faces this is a little bit tricky. Just use a very stylish hijab cap below your scarf and keep it visible. This will reduce the elongation of your face. By adopting this trick you can have a very chic and smart look.

Hijab Styles For Triangular Faces:

Generally it seems difficult to wear hijab with triangular face. For attractive look with triangular face in hijab just follow our tip. Try to cover your upper corners of face with scarf of your head. Avoid the use of hijab cap or under hijab like hijab styles for round faces or cover it under scarf.

Hijab Styles For Square Faces:

Hijab style for square face is the easiest one. No needs to use hijab caps etc. Simply use a single scarf of any fabric of your choice. Try to use the scarf of contrast or same color shade as that of your dress. Cover all the corners or pointed areas under the scarf. This will give you a more elegant look of yours.


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