How to wear hijab – hijab styles tutorial


Trend of wearing hijab has been increased manifold in past few years. Especially young generation adopted the hijab fashion a lot. Different new styles are introduced for girls. If you are also beginner in wearing hijab then sometimes you may get frustrated while carrying your hijab. Today we are here to guide you about how to wear hijab. I have collected pictures in which I have displayed how to wear hijab in different styles. You can see in the pictures all the steps for wearing hijab in different styles. All the hijab styles are modest and Islamic.

How to wear hijab in different styles and shapes

Hijabs can be used and wrapped around the face in various styles. The way of wearing hijab depends upon the shape of scarf or hijab as well. Different types of hijabs are available in market these days. Some hijabs are available in stitched form as well. Stitched hijabs are very easy to wear. If we talk about unstitched hijabs then you can see variety in them. Unstitched hijabs are not easy to handle and girls usually get frustrated if they don’t know how to wear hijab properly.

I have displayed pictures in which you can see that how to wear unstitched hijab properly. Unstitched hijabs comes in various shapes like stole shape (rectangular) or triangular scarfs. Both are equally popular. You can you simple safety pins or fancy brooches to keep your hijab at place. You can also use hijab caps below you hijab to fully cover your hair. Keep in mind your face shape while wearing hijab. Soon I will share an article about how to wear hijab according to your face shape. That will surely help you out along with this article. Hope these steps and pictures will guide you to wear hijab in a proper way.


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