Indian kundan jewelry designs – Bridal kundan jewelry sets


Kundan jewelry is the traditional jewelry which reminds us of Great Mughal Era. Kundan jewelry is the traditional jewelry design of India which is used not only in India and Pakistan but all over the world. This Indian jewelry is also called Gemstone jewelry. In tradional Indian kundan jewelry gold and gemstones are used. Differently cut gemstones are embedded in different stylish gold foil ornaments and now day’s colored paints in contrast are also used instead of gemstones. In our kundan jewelry sets yellow gold kundan sets and modern white gold kundan sets are also included.

Now a day’s kundan jewelry is used by brides on the occasion of wedding. If you are going to purchase jewelry for your wedding day then kundan jewelry is the best option as it is the latest trend of this year in bridal jewelry. Today we are here to share some latest and stylish designs of kundan jewelry sets for brides. Kundan jewelry sets which are displayed in our gallery have gemstones in different styles and different types of gemstones are used in kundan jewelry like ruby, emerald, sapphire, turquoise etc. Jewelry sets for wedding day which are displayed below includes necklaces, earrings, bindiya etc. Jewelry sets in different styles are displayed and you can select any bridal kundan jewelry set for you on your wedding day.


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