A Bigger-Looking Diamond Without a Bigger Budget


You don’t have a deep pocket for an engagement ring, but would like to give one with a dazzling diamond. You don’t have to break the bank to purchase a stone that’s more than a carat. You can save some dollars by choosing a diamond with a lower carat weight but with a specific cut and setting that can make the stone appear larger than it should.

So how do you do that trick of making a shiny pebble look like a dazzling rock? There’s no magic needed, really. Here are some strategies jewellers do to create engagement rings that are absolutely stunning without the shockingly steep price.

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The shape or cut

If you want a bigger-looking stone, avoid the more traditional cuts like the round brilliant or the princess, which is square in shape. These cuts have deep pavilions to emphasize the fire and brilliance of the diamond. Go for the fancy shapes, which are cut shallow. They look larger than the round or princess cuts of equal weight.

Marquise and oval cuts are among the popular choices. They do not only magnify the size of the stone, but also look unique and elegant. They are versatile, too. You can make them into a classic solitaire, a contemporary ring or an antique-looking piece.

The setting

  1. There are specific settings that will maximize the size of the stone in appearance, such as the east-west and the illusion. Bezel setting, when done excellently and with a high-grade metal, can also make a ring look more dazzling.
  2. Diamonds in marquise, oval and emerald cuts are often set vertically. The east-west setting places the elongated stone on the band in a horizontal manner. This makes the stone look wider, bigger than its actual size.
  3. The illusion setting, on the other hand, is a bit complicated than the traditional procedures of placing stones on the band. A mirror-like plate is set on the band and serves as a mounting base for the diamond. The stone will appear not just larger, but also with more brilliance.

The bezel setting surrounds the stone with metal, even extending up to a thin rim above. If you think about it, this will seem to cut the stone smaller than its real size. And it will if done poorly or if made with a colored metal. But if the jeweler uses a good-quality platinum or white gold and makes only an extra-fine rim on top of a beautifully cut diamond, the result will be an exquisite ring with a very noticeable rock.

One final tip

Keep in mind, though, that making a diamond look larger usually means sacrificing a bit of the stone’s fire and brilliance. And if what you want is to make the ring look more glamorous, having a larger-looking rock isn’t the only way to do it. You can also simply choose a nicely cut diamond and set it with classic prongs. An elevated setting like this will make an exquisite diamond cut more prominent as more light is reflected through it.


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