Latest abaya styles 2013 – Stylish Abayas & Jilbab Designs


Many new trends can be seen in this year. Trend of wearing and using Islamic clothing is increasing day by day and females love to wear hijaab, abayas and jilbabs while going out. As the trend of wearing abayas is increasing all over the worls so today I am going to display latest abaya styles 2013. We have selected all the abayas in black color as black color is mostly used in abayas.

Abayas in different styles are displayed in our gallery like slim fit abayas, open front abayas, closed abayas etc. Some abayas are displayed in combination colors like black with pink, blue etc. different types of hand work has been done on these abayas like stone work, hand embroidery, sequin work etc. Some beautiful abaya designs with machine embroidery are also displayed in our gallery. The cuts and stitching of abaya is very important as it affects the overall looks of abayas. Abaya designs with plate cuts and stitching is also displayed in our gallery.The fabric used in making of these abayas is very fine, chiffon of different types is used in making of these abayas. To buy these abayas online you can order us with the link of the image of desired abaya. We will send you all the details of abaya.



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  1. aminath says:

    need some more designs

  1. June 19, 2013

    […] those abayas which are stylish and elegant at the same time and designed according to the latest trends of abayas 2013. Simple abaya designs which I am going to display today in my gallery are designed in black color. […]

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