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Wedding day is the day about which every girl has a lot of dreams and wishes. Every girl wants to make her wedding day more stylish, more beautiful and memorable. Bridal looks depends a lot on the wedding dress of bride. New styles of bridal dresses are introduced by designers. In last decade in Pakistani bridal dresses lehngas with short kurti were very in but now long shirts replaced short kurti and all bridal dresses are made and designed in new styles.

To give you highlights about new trends in bridal dresses we have published many articles like bridal long shirt designs, bridal frocks, bridal gowns, etc. Today we are here again with a new category of Pakistani bridal dresses in maxi style.Maxi dress actually belongs to western countries but now we can see fusion of eastern and western fashion even in our Pakistan. Usually western brides use these long maxi styles gown or frocks on their wedding day but Pakistani designers have fused the eastern and western fashion and made beautiful, chic maxi style bridal dress. We are also going to display these Pakistani maxi style bridal dresses as they are becoming very popular and brides love to wear this trendy, new and stylish dress on the occasion of walima, nikah engagement etc.

In these maxi style bridal dresses the overall look of the outfit is maxi like but to give eastern traditional Pakistani touch different bright tones of colors are used and different type of traditional hand work of kora, sequins and stones has been done which  enhance the beauty of the outfit. All the maxi styles bridal dresses are designed in impressive and stylish way and the work done on these maxi style bridal dresses is also eye-catching. If you are interested in buying then contact us. Hope you will like this latest collection of bridal dresses.


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    […] in different styles like lehnga with long shirt, red bridal frocks, red bridal sharara, red bridal maxi style gown, bridal open shirt […]

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