Stylish Embroidered Party Wear dresses- Pakistani Party Dresses


In Pakistan party wear dresses are designed in different styles like simple frock designs, A.line frock designs, open shirt dresses, simple shalwar kameez with trouser or choori pajama etc. As party wear dresses in India and Pakistan have variety in styles so to display Pakistani and Indian party dresses today we are here with latest collection of party dresses in different styles. We have collected all the latest styles of embroidered party weardresses for you.

These dresses are designed and stitched according to the latest trends of fashions of 2013. In this year green, black white and other shades of jewel color will remain in so we have collected these party dresses for girls in all these shades with beautiful combinations. In this year 2013 the most popular styles of party dresses which will remain in fashion are long open shirts, long gowns, embroidered high neck party wear  dresses, etc. We have selected todays embroidered party dresses in all these styles.

Color combinations and embroidery of all the dresses is  fabulous. In this collection most dresses are hand embroidered while on some dresses machine embroidery also has been done. In the year 2013 stone work, bead work and silver embroidery in combination with colored stones will also remain in. You can see some samples of this type of embroidered party wear dresses in our gallery as well. If you want to buy any party wear dresses  then you can contact us for price description via mail.

How to order: Email us at to place orders. Please attach the picture of desired dress for price details and other details.


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