Men sherwani designs 2013 – Pakistani groom sherwani


Wedding day is the most memorable and important day of life for both bride and groom. Few years back main focus for the preparation of wedding day and especially the wedding outfit was restricted to bridal dress. But now wedding dress of both bridal and groom are selected after proper planning. If you or your dear ones are also planning for the marriage then we are here to help you with men sherwani designs 2013.

Men sherwani designs

Sherwani is the traditional outfit used on the wedding day in Pakistan and other eastern countries. Trend of wearing sherwani on wedding day is popular in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan etc. Today I am going to display latest, stylish and fabulous groom sherwani designs for my viewers. You can see different types of groom sherwani designs in my article.

Groom sherwani designs with different colors

I have added groom sherwani designs in different colors in my todays post. Most common colors which are used in men sherwani are black, navy blue, dark blue, off white sherwani  designs, white sherwani designs, fawn, skin or light brown sherwani designs, golden sherwani designs etc.

I have added some beautiful colors in the gallery. As sherwani is used as a wedding dress so to make it fancy different types of work has been done on the Pakistani and Indian men sherwani. In traditional sherwani designs designers make sherwani with beautiful embroidery or zari work. In sherwani designs with zari work usually work of kora, sequins etc has been done on sherwani. Sherwani with thread work and use of sequins on them are also common.

In latest men sherwani designs of 2013 you can see that designers done stone work with addition of zari work on them. I have also added some sherwani designs with stone work in my post. Embroidery work or zari work in golden, silver, copper or bronze color is done mostly on men sherwani. These Pakistani sherwani designs are displayed for online buying. I have already posted an article on designers groom sherwani which will also help you to choose your wedding sherwani.

How to order: If you are interested in placing order of these sherwani then contact us via mail at Attach image of the desired dress with mail for pricing details and dress details. We provide worldwide shipment. Hope you will like these sherwani designs.


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