Top Leather Handbags for Women in 2014


Leather Handbags for Women – Women are always very crazy about their appearance and they want to appear up to date and stylish in their circle. For this purpose the first thing they follow during their preparations is the perfection which is incomplete without a handbag. This year trend of leather hand bags is getting strong and several leather handbags for women are available in market. This post on women leather handbags will not only provide you information about bags but we will also give you different tips for your bag.

How to Choose a Right Handbag?

Handbag you carry is a silent indicator of your aptitude and knowledge of fashion. So you must choose a right bag for yourself to have a more impressive personality. While buying a bag for yourself you must consider following things.


The main which matter a lot while buying you bag is your budget. Pre-estimate the amount you can spend on your handbag. “More the sugar is, the sweeter will be the juice” is a common saying which is true for them also as increasing the amount increases the quality and life time of the bags.


The next thing you should consider is the size of the bags. There are different styles and sizes available in market but not every style suits you. Choose the size according to your physique and use of it. If your height is small then large size will make it more prominent so small and medium is appropriate for you. If you are bulky or chubby then small and girlish handbags will make you look fatter.

Similarly, if you want to accentuate your figure then choose those whose length is above your waistline. Moreover choose the size according to the use of the bag like small bags and clutches on formal functions and office work whereas large tote or hobo bags for semi formal and casual function. Another thing is the things you want to place inside it, make sure things could be organized easily in it and they are not messed up also the straps must be strong enough to bear the weight of these things.


Initially leather purses and handbags were available in non patent leather and only in black and brown colors. But with the advancement in technology patent leather handbags with wide range of different colors are now available. These handbags are not only breathtaking but are also more durable. Bags are conventionally matched with the color of shoes and if it is not possible then you can also match the color with the dress you are wearing.

Leather Handbag Brands:

Designer leather handbags and purses are becoming very popular and every women desire for it. We have gathered some of the best leather handbags from the top three brands. You can choose and buy any of these easily in you next shopping for upcoming function.


It is the most famous and one of the best brands among the top 10 brands of handbags. The quality and reasonable prices make their products more attractive for the costumers.

This beautiful floral  handbag will be a very useful addition to your collection. It is because you can carry it with most of your shoes and dresses because of its multi colors.

Coach  Signature Stripe Floral Print Drawstring Shoulder Bag for women

This tote handbag by coach is a very nice sample with unique and eye catching patent leather. The patterns also make it more beautiful.

Coach metro eyelet toteleather handbag for women

If you like hobo style bags then you can choose this with stunning color and style. This wide spaced bag will allow you to carry many things along with you.

Coach Park hobo beautiful bags for women

Calvin Klein (CK):

Calvin Klein leather handbags for women 2014 are very popular through out the world. The brand is famous for its hard wearing and stylish products.

Bronze color leather purse is the thing you can not find commonly. Its unique design and stuff make it more eye catching and demanding.

Calvin Klein Bag Metallic Saffiano Bronze Leather Handbag CK Purse

If your favorite color is blue then try this alluring cornflower blue colored satchel. It seems great with plain dresses especially with tops.

Calvin Klein Key Item Saffiano Satchel Top Handle Bag cornflower color

This bright red saffino tote hand bag is the thing which you could only expect from CK. It will be a nice choice for formal functions when matched and carried out in a good way.

Calvin Klein Key Item Saffiano Tote


Gucci is a famous brand who had launched many products like perfumes, women’s wear, men’s wear, bags and wallets etc. Their products are made with fine class leather with a perfect blend of color and designs. This gives extra modernity to their products.

It is a very nice combination of canvas and leather in silver. The decent color will impart a sophisticated look to you when you carry it.

Gucci GG Guccissima Canvas & Leather Silver branded bags

Hobo handbags are soft and appealing because of their unique stitching style. This bag is also a combination of leather and canvas which you can see in many of this brand.

Gucci Monogram Canvas & Leather Hobo designer handbag

This is another soft purple colored with long strap. The strap is made up of metallic chain in golden  and it is adorned with same metallic buckles.

gucci purple handbag for women 2014

Tips for Cleaning Leather Handbags:

In the end we would like to give you some tips for cleaning leather handbags.

  1. Always clean it with a soft stuff of cloth; you can also use cotton for this purpose.
  2.  For better removal of stains apply baby shampoo or face wash instead of common detergents.
  3. For removing the stains of ink try alcohol and rub gently on the stain.
  4. While cleaning never rub too harsh as it will damage the stuff of the bag.
  5. Use a piece of beeswax on zippers to open and close them easily.
  6. While cleaning them never neglect the metallic part on it,  magic erasers designed particularly for this purpose are good for this purpose.
  7. Never use saddle sop for leather bag as it may damage the color , if you want to use it then first test it on a small area.
  8. If you want to store it then never keep in air tight pack. For proper storage, store in an airy pack.
  9. Don’t expose it to too much heat as it may damage the finishing which results in early wearing out of bag.
  10. To remove the inside odor of the bag, use a blow drier at low heat and then place it in open place for some hours in shade. You can also spray a deodorant inside it for this purpose.

These tips will increase the life time of your bag if you follow them properly and keep it in good condition.


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