Wedding Accessories for Women – Colors & Customs


Accessories carry a specific charm/aura which helps identify the individual persona of the Pakistani bride and her bridesmaids on the special day. There is no “Lehenga”, no “Saari”, no “Garaara” or “Sharraara” that can look good without the elegant, exquisite and dauntingly “flauntatious” royal touch of Wedding accessories.  The trend of Wedding jewelry in Pakistan has been one that goes way back to the advent of the Empires and Dynasties covering the whole spectrum of Central and South Asian Countries.  Accessories, especially jewelry used to be the cornerstone for every wedding, every royal occasion and every gathering for centuries.

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In this colorful country today, Jewelry comes in all sorts of materials, styles and sizes. The most common substances used are Diamond, Gold, Silver, White Gold and Platinum. The different kinds of jewelry are so innumerable that it is hard to account for everything. However, I would like to touch on some of the most common Jewelry products widely available and in use today.

Earrings made of precious stones such as gold; silver and platinum are very popular with contrasting necklaces. The best combinations and sets help making an ordinary woman elegant and an elegant woman becomes the epitome of visual perfection.  Pakistan carries a long meticulous history of this trend of wearing, at the very least, exquisite ear and neck pieces. Without that, a woman feels somehow deficient in her outlook. Depending on the amount of embroidery or “sozen kari” on the dress, its color, style and feel; the length and design of the earrings and necklaces vary.

Earrings and Necklace

Going further down towards the “kalaayi” or the hands, their flattering, soft young look is ornamented by the presence of bracelets of all sorts and kinds. These bracelets are more commonly referred to as “Kangan”, “Karrey” or “Chooriyan” in traditional ethnic terms and come in many shapes, sizes, designs and materials. Their significance in the overall outlook, of the “bubbly “desi” girl or the elegant Pakistani woman at the wedding”, is immense and can help making them a lot more chic/stylish in their appearance.


Foot Accessories for women, more commonly referred to as “Payal” or “Jhanjhar” complete the minimum common desideratum for the jewelry of the local or “desi” woman of Pakistan. These anklets are more commonly worn on the extravagant traditional mehndi events of weddings. Many “desi” dances indoctrinate these anklet trends since the feet’s bedizenment look extraordinarily desirable and gorgeous in these dances. Moreover, these “Payals” are also used in dances for tinkling sounds to add a twist to the spellbinding “desi” numbers at weddings.


Moreover, even men use jewelry to enhance the outlook of their traditional “Sherwanis” or western cut suits. Rings, Watches, Cufflinks etc. are all a part of this accessory frenzy which even the males are not sequestered from, even if it’s not as staunch for them as our women populace.

Jewelry is not the only kind of accessory though, there’s more, a lot more; including handcrafted shoes, bags, clutches, shawls and what not!

Embellished and hand crafted shoes such as “Khussas” & “Jootis” are a form of ornamented accessories that complement the bedazzling looks of the dresses that women wear at weddings. Even men wear these “Khussas” underneath their elegant, classy “Sherwanis”


Psychedelic clutches, hued handbags, multicolored pouches are all such an incumbent prerequisite in the packaging of the dresses for women that the barrenness of these dresses without these accessories is unimaginable. Extraordinary Hand crafting in all these above mentioned categories are still the norm of every season in this country of colors and talents.


Cashmere & Pashmina are two names now synonymous with the trend of shawls used to serve as classy wraps for women during the chilled foggy winter wedding season of Pakistan.  Comfort, warmth, contrast and a fitting blend of colors and elegance are in in many ways better in this region of the world as far as these wraps go.

Being a fashion and trends’ connoisseur myself, I always look for centralized, optimized locations for getting all these accessories at one place; makes it a tad bit easier to go through this wonderful wedding season as well as any other day of the year, getting all the fashion needs of those closest to me, as well my own, met with the most meticulous detail.

Recently, I have found the best portal to cater to these wants and cravings in the form a centralized shopping website Kaymu Wedding Store. Now, a day doesn’t pass by where I don’t find myself shopping or even just browsing on this amazing multi-talent, multi-product, state of the art, top-notch online store. I am sure, logging on to this magical place will open up portals of blessings for all such connoisseurs as myself, even more so (a lot more) for the women populace.

And I’m sure, with every day that goes by, this frenzy continues, blooms and blossoms. It’s one positive aspect of our currently tragic ridden country, showing that we are not just deaths and deserts, but we also have a lot of positivity around us, enhancing our customs, economics, trends and styles every day that goes away.


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