Bridal hijab designs – Hijab styles for Muslim brides


Trends of fashion are changing all over the world. Use of abaya and hijab is increasing day by day. The main reason of increasing popularity of abaya, hijab or scarfs is that the designers are designing beautiful hijabs and scarfs which provide cover to head and body. Designers design hijabs and abayas in a way that they give a stylish look due to unique and different designs. Today I am here to share some beautiful and modest bridal hijabs. The concept of wearing hijab at the ocassion of wedding  is not new.

Muslim brides wear bridal hijaabs on their wedding day many years back as well. But as trend of fashion has been increased all over the world so trend of wearing bridal hijab also increased. Brides of many Arab countries and some other Muslim countries wear hijab to cover their head on the occasion of their wedding. We have collected some beautiful and elegant designs of bridal scarfs or hijab. Hijabs for brides can be set in variety of ways. Brides wear hijab with hijab cap and sometimes without hijab caps as well. But hijabs used for bride are not always like the hijabs used casually or formally. Hijabs for brides are designed in totally different way. Different designing patterns or techniques are used in designing of bridal hijaabs. Sometimes fancy embroidery work has been done on bridal hijabs. Some designers use stone work or ribbon work to give hijab fancy looks.

You can see in our bridal hijaabs that in some hijabs for brides metal jewelry has been used which is giving very attractive looks to bridal hijaabs. In making of bridal hijabs usually very fine and fancy fabric has been used. You can see in our gallery that net fabric, silk fabrics are mostly used in these bridal hijabs. The jewelry used on these hijabs is also different. Bridal jewelry used for these hijabs is selected according to the bridal dress. Pearl jewelry, stone jewelry is used mostly for bridal hijabs. There are different ways of setting hijab or wearing hijab. The way of carrying hijab should be selected according to the shape of face of bride. You can get ideas about setting of bridal hijab from our selected pictures. You can see bridal hijab in different style and from different countries like Arab or Arabic bridal hijab style, Malaysian bridal hijab style, Turkish hijab for bride etc. You can pick any style for your wedding day.


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    I want to scarf frm Wer I l hv bridal scarf n Wht is the cost

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