Different Jewellery Designs for Parties and Anniversaries


Jewellery is an exciting gift for most gifting occasions. But how does a person choose just the right piece of jewellery for parties or for anniversaries? Here are some tips for choosing just the right piece of jewellery for a special occasion.

It is important to analyse your personality and style before buying the jewellery and to relate that knowledge to the occasion itself. Birthdays are one of the most fun occasions for jewellery purchases. There are specific gemstones that are assigned to each month of the year or to each astrological sign. You can wear jewelleries studded with the gemstone that matches your birth month. For example, if you were born in January, a necklace and earrings with garnets in it is a great and thoughtful option. You can even wear a ring studded with the birthstone to give yourself a special look for the occasion. Bracelets look equally good for such occasions. You can also flaunt a large diamond pendant with a simple chain around your neck for a simple yet elegant touch.

An anniversary is a special occasion and a time to be together with your loved one and share the joy with friends and family. Whether marriage days or other such anniversaries, you can brighten up the occasion with some great jewellery to attract your partner’s attention and enhance your looks to be the talk of the party.  Heavy jewellery is just the perfect time to be worn during such occasions. Diamonds symbolise purity, strength, and endurance, and such you can wear them for a great look and feel for your special ceremony. Rubies and other red gemstones are symbolic of passion, romance and love. You can wear bracelets or necklaces made of a diamond centrepiece and surrounded by these red gems. You can also include these gems in earrings and bracelets. Apart from diamond, gold, silver and rubies, emeralds and sapphires are perfect for parties.

Your outfit is important to showcase the beauty of your jewels. A sophisticated and stylish dress is an essential part of your wardrobe. A stylish black robe with a necklace of big-sized pearls is perfect for any occasion. For teaming with other colours, you can choose a multicolour pearl set, comprising of single or double stringed necklace, long pearl earrings and teamed with a bracelet of the same colour tones.

Another idea for jewellery has to do with more modern symbols of love and relationships. One trend is the three stone diamond ring, which is said to represent a couple’s past, present and future. Another type of jewellery that is in trend is the “journey” style of jewellery. A journey necklace has several diamonds in graduating sizes from small to large in a pendant that is said to represent the journey the couple makes together in life.

You can also try handmade jewellery for a unique and classy feel. Silver jewelleries with studded stones look perfect on young people.

You can use your credit card while shopping for ornaments in elite jewellery shops. Do not forget to take a Payment Protection Insurance along with your credit card. For more details about the policy and ppi claims, you can approach the bank for further information.


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