Fancy Pakistani Dresses With Silver Embroidery


If you are familiar with the latest fashion trends in Pakistan and if you have visited market then you must know that these days trend of silver embroidery on Pakistani formal and semi-formal dresses is in vogue. So today i am here with some stylish Pakistani dresses with silver embroidery. These days usually plain cloth of chiffon, georgette and silk is used by designers for making fancy formal and semi-formal dresses. Usually stone work, kora work, threads work and bead work of white and silver color has been done on plain cloths. The colors on which you can see this fancy embroidery in silver colors are jewel colors like red, blue, green etc. Beauty of black and white cannot be denied as well.

These two colors always remain in trend so silver embroidery on white and black also gives wonder ful looks. Today i am also going to display Pakistani dresses with silver embroidery in all the colors, stuffs and our dresses are designed in all the styles like anarkali frocks, shalwar kameez, long shirt etc. Long shirts with plate stitching are also vey in so i have also selected some dresses in that styles. These days most of the embroidery work has been done in logo style on shoulders, arms or chest and you can see some dresses in that style as well. All the dresses can be made on order. if you are interested in buying any dresses then email us with the link of desired dress. You can get all the dress details and price detail via email. You can get these fancy dresses at affordable price. Hope we will get good response.


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