Tips From Beauty And Fashion Blogs Can Make You More Elegant


Since ages people have been very much concerned about beauty. That what is a pleasure for the eyes is accepted more easily. So, beautifying our own self has been an obsession for many. Some keep it as a secret while others are very open about it. Some flaunt huge amount of make up while others keep it simple. But till now there are many people who do not know the right amount of balance needed to remain beautiful. It is not just about applying the makeup, but one should have the right amount of healthy make up.

beauty and makeup

Care should also be taken about the removal of the makeup. Most of the experts give special care to it and have various tips to give but it seems impossible to find time for it. Our hectic schedule just does not give us the luxury of having such lavish appointments. That does not mean that we are out of options. There are many blogs which can be helpful. If you are naive and do not know why makeup should be removed, this might help you.

  • One should understand the fact that the skin regenerates in the night when we sleep. That is why we look healthy when we have a long night’s sleep. This also means that there should not be anything which can disturb the growth of the skin during the night time. So do not wear any makeup before you sleep. Make sure that you cleanse out everything.
  • The elimination of the toxins takes place from the pores of the skin in the night time. If your pores of the skin are clogged up by makeup, the toxins do not go and create new problems. It would mostly give us dry or irritated skin.

Removing the makeup should be done by using the right products. Here are some which are commonly used all over the world.

✓  Baby oil/almond oil:

Many do not use oil on their face fearing an oily skin. That is just a myth. You can now get rid of the most stubborn traces of makeup off your face with such an oil massage. Once you are done with the oil, you can follow up with a face wash to get rid of the extra oil.


✓  Cold cream:

This is one of the least expensive products that can help you with a lot of things. Just remove your makeup and apply cold cream to make sure that most of it comes off. Cold cream can fight even your 24 hour lipsticks. The problem is that these cold creams do not work well for all as some show hardly any effects.


✓ Make up removers:

Most of the fancy brands have a makeup remover. If you take a look at the product, you will find it to have a mixture of oil and water. Shake it well before using it. They can be sued on the ey and lip makeup.

There are various other ways too that can be found on various beauty and fashion blogs.


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