Modern Jilbab designs – Latest jilbab collection 2013


Jilbab is the very popular Islamic clothing for women.  Jilbab, Jubbah or Jilaabah are also some common terms used for muslim clothing for women. The importance of jilbab is much more according to religious point of view and now days jilbabs are also coming in different styles.  Being a muslim women, no matter in which country you live, jilbabs with hijab is the best option to wear.

Modern jilbaabs for women comes up with different colors and patterns. Specially in UK, jilbab trend is becoming much popular. So, today I am here to share some modern jilbab designs for girls in 2013. The latest jilbab designs with back embroidery and glass work are much popular in Palestine, Iran, Dubai and Saudia.

In 2013, designer’s jilbabs are also becoming popular among women. Designers have made very elegant styles of modern jilbabs with very stylish collar designs. Fancy metal buttons can also be used to make them more beautiful and stylish.

Embroidered jilbabs are also introduced by designers which are much liked by girls as formal wear. Girls and women can use these embroidered jilbabs while going out to attend parties or other formal functions. Jilbabs are coming in variety of styles with different cuts.

Jilbabs are designed in different colors. The most popular colors used for making jilbabs are gray, brown, camel, black and skin. We have also collected beautiful jilbab designs in these colors. Jilbab designs in other colors can also be seen in market. You can buy jilbabs in other colors as well like dark green, dark blue etc.

Jilbabs can be made in variety of fabrics. Jilbab is very famous Islamic clothing in UK. UK jilbabs are mostly made in thick stuff due to cold weather and this thick fabric gives more beautiful look to jilbab. We have also included jilbab designs in both thick and thin stuff.

All the designs are very unique stylish and latest. Hope you will like this elegant and chic collection of Jilbab designs 2013.


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