12 Best Ponytail Hairstyles for Black Women


Black women hairstyles are different in a sense that they seem more traditional to you when adopted wisely and according to your features. One of them is ponytail hairstyles for black women. These are most adopted in summer as they give HOT look to you. Depending upon style, there is different types of ponytails like sleek ponytails and braided. Today we are going to share with you some of best ponytail hairstyles for black hair 2014.

Ponytail Hairstyles for Black Women:

African American women have thick textured hairs which plays a great role in their beauty. Whether their hairs are in natural form or are wavy or straight, almost every hairstyle suits because of their thick hairs. This post also contains latest ponytail hairstyles for African American women. Some of them are for natural hairs while some need your hairs to be straight or wavy.


This style needs your time as you first have to flat iron your hairs. Side parts your front hairs on one side and ties all other hairs in high ponytail. For a more formal and attractive look curl you hairs that are coming out from ponytail in wavy fashion.

Ponytail hairstyles for black women 2014


Ponytails are for all types or styles of hairs and you can have it even with dreadlocks. Combine your dreadlocked hairs on top near crown and tie them using a rubber band or metal band. You will end up with a classic and attractive hairstyle that you can carry casually as well as formally.

latest ponytail hairstyles 2014

3.      CORNROWS:

Styling of hair in cornrow manner is very common and traditional among black women. This black women ponytail is for all those who have cornrows. This need your cornrows to be very thin for greater volume. Styling could be done in two minutes by tying back your hairs in low ponytail. This hairstyle is for females of all age.

dreadlock hairstyles for black women

4.      HIGH WAVY:

This style will look best when your hairs are cut in layers. Curl your hairs first using rollers and tie them up high on crown of head in ponytail. This will end up in a perfect black women stylish prom hairstyle that is appropriate for evening functions.

Rihanna cute hairstyles for women


For a girlish and young look with your epic dreadlocks this is a perfect choice. All you have to do is tying up your hair in a high ponytail by keeping back all strands of dreadlocks. For this style you may use fancy hair bands, pins and ribbons if you desire.

ponytail hairstyles for african american girls


Braids and black women have age old relationship. This will result in a beautiful hairstyle when combined with ponytail.  Head is fully braided with strands combined at crown. All of these are then tied up by wrapping around a single strand of braids. You will get an eye catching hairstyle.

beautiful ponytail for black women

7.      FRONT BANGS:

Have a bang cut on front and flat iron all of your hairs. For avoiding sleek give a little wave to lower hairs at back and tie those all like done by Rihanna. Front comb your bangs to lie on forehead. This is best hairstyle for long face females as it apparently reduces you face length.

ponytail with bangs for black girls


Black women ponytail could be made as beautiful as on other hairs in their natural texture and form. This is the quickest hairstyle that you can have if you have short time for your preparations or if you are working woman. Tie back your natural hairs without using any product in loose rubber band.

ponytail fashion for women 2014


Rihanna is always a source of inspiration and fashion tycoon for African American females. Her best suited and constantly changing hairstyles are copied widely. This style is one of her I like most in which she has a low pony tail with front hairs side swept. Placing hairs on one shoulder with ponytail on one side will really give you a softer look.

rihanna ponytail hairstyles 2014


This is another style for hairs with natural curls. Front hairs are French braided to form a band parallel to forehead line.  Remaining back hairs are tied in low ponytail high is avoided because low one will accentuate French braid on front.

ponytails hairstyles for curly hairs


Another alluring hairstyle for you people. Front head hairs are twisted in small sections of one inch to one side of head. All or hairs are tied up in high ponytail to one side. It also look great with your natural curly hairs but if you have straight hairs n simply use rollers to create waves.

twist ponytail hairstyles for black women


If you love straight hairs and looking for a perfect hairstyle then here comes one for you. Front hairs are cut straight which cover forehead. Excluding front hairs tie back all or hairs in medium length pony tail and get a stunning and glamorous appearance.

sleek ponytail for black women 2014


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