80+ Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs for Eid 2015


Hey Girls! Can you imagine Eid without Mehndi? I don’t think so. Mehndi is an important part of Eid for every woman. All Muslim women in the whole world prefer to get well dressed on Eid, thus it is really not possible to celebrate Eid without Mehndi. There are numerous designs of Mehndi but these days Arabic Mehndi designs are getting popular, because they are more alluring, unique and stylish.

Arabic Mehndi Designs 2015

Designs of flowers slightly think with a mix of vines and diverse kind of mandolin outlines are the sign of Arabic style henna. The best thing about Arabic Mehndi designs is that inside propositions Mehndi designs you will go to make the basic and simple to apply. Arabic Henna patterns are commonly in dark hues and in little and substantial models. Ladies additionally utilize Arabic Mehndi designs in red, dark brown, black, chestnut, and as indicated by their own choice. Arabic Mehndi examples can be made with the hands and arms or if you want to make them on your feet, it would look great.

Couple of natural mehndi patterns include Circle, Linear, Block, Motif, Animal, Human, Floral, and Geometrical designs.

A percentage of the young ladies need to apply the Mehndi designs with own self help. They utilize stencils and toothpicks as the helping instruments to apply arabic mehndi staring them in the hands and feet. Here in this post I am sharing few 50 Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs for Eid 2015. With the assistance of these Mehndi designs’ pictures you will have the capacity to pick beautiful and most recent Mehndi plans for your hands and feet. Some of these are convoluted, however, some of them are so natural you can without much of a stretch apply them staring you in the hands and feet.

Arabic Mehndi designs for hands look simple, stylish and rich. You can make them more excellent with the utilization of sparkles and glitters that will carry the general Mehndi design with the sparkling feel touch. You will certainly adore these patterns after applying glitters.

The best thing about Arabic Mehndi designs is that you have no compelling reason to go to a beauty salon/parlor or Mehndi artist in light of the fact that they are a lot of less demanding to draw close by and feet, yet you require some practice to do it splendidly.

The original Mehndi will be in green color so you ought to deal with this thing when purchasing Mehndi. A few individuals will give you a dull chestnut Mehndi, however please not purchase them in light of the fact that it will be simply synthetic and it will bring about sensitivity on your skin.

Let’s have a look at latest mehndi designs 2015 patterns.

I trust you will get advantage from this article, I wish you a cheerful Eid, have a great time.


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