Some Really Cool Fashion Trends that are Making a Comeback


As we all know, fashion is an incredible cycle. Each year new trends will emerge which capture the minds of men and women everywhere. It allows for a strange sensation to take over the body and inevitably go out and buy some hip new items so you can conform to society’s norms. It’s not unheard of to hear a lady say “her clothes are so last season”. It is this that makes women and men everywhere purchase new items every season to look stunning in the eyes of others. But every so often clothes and styles from a few years ago, if not decades ago, will pop back up and become the ‘in thing’.

Coming towards the winter of 2013, I’m here to fill you in on this seasons comeback clothes. There are a number of items making a comeback this year, one of my personal favourites is the bomber jacket. These jacket are coming with a twist this time round and are having colourful prints on them.

Another interesting style which has actually received a lot of dislike from people is the V-neck baseball shirt. I don’t mean the ones that are worn on field, but a very similar style which are button up at the front and tucked in around the waist. It was very popular in the 1990’s and has really started to be seen around quite a lot. The key to standing out in this style is wearing a plain one, with a jacket over the arms.Fashion Trends

Cargo pants! Formerly associated with 90’s pop stars these low hanging pants with pockets down the sides have come straight back into fashion. While the baggy is the norm of cargo pants, I believe they look best when worn slim cut and clean, just as you would jeans. Not sure how popular these will get but their definitely a pretty cool trend on the way back.

Vests have a very long history in both men and women’s fashion. They’re been in and out since the 14th century when no respectable man or women could be seen in public without one. Right now the vest is back! I love vests. Whether it’s a plain vest to wear with my suit or a puffy warm vest to throw on over some clothing the vest will keep you comfortable while looking fine at the same time. An item no wardrobe should be without in 2013.

Waist bags or as some prefer to say ‘fanny packs’, are back in fashion! That’s right, these bags are no longer the look of a visiting tourist or mother on a family day out. Gone are the days of plastic clips and chaotic patterns, waist bags are now in style coming in a range of beautiful designs. They’ve recently been worn by a number of female models, looking especially good with high boots or even a low sweater.

A ultra-fashionable trend which I love the look of is leggings with over sized shirts. A very simple look to pull off, it looks nice while remaining comfortable and neat. Just make sure the leggings you choose are thick enough or you could be in for a bit of an awkward moment.

With so many cool choices coming back in this winter, be sure to spend some of your money on these vintage styles and keep yourself looking great all while keeping intact with society at the same time. I just love the way fashion goes in and out and will no doubt be keeping a close eye on it!

Hope this article will guide you to follow all the cool fashion trends of upcoming season…!

Author Bio: My name is Hanna Jameson. I am someone who loves shopping for clothes, keeping up with the latest cool fashion trends, designing clothes for myself and my friends and keeping a close watch on what’s in vogue. I am fortunate that my day job is fashion merchandising as it allows me to indulge in things that I anyway love.


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