How to make Smokey eyes – Steps of smokey eyes makeup


Smokey eye makeup is the very famous makeup trend of these days. Smokey makeup does not mean black eyes with a lot of black eye shadow with liner etc. There are different tricks of smokey eye makeup. Today I am here to guide my viewers about how to make smokey eyes. . Smokey makeup is not only applied in grayish black color but other shades in combination with other colors can be used.  I have also added smokey makeup ideas in my article today. They will help you if you want to know that how to make smokey eyes. I have added various pictures in my today’s article in which I have displayed steps of how to make smokey eyes. You can follow the steps given in the pictures to get perfect and beautiful smokey eyes.

How to make smokey eyes in dark colors

Here I am giving steps of making smokey eyes.

  1. Apply white base on entire eye lid. Mix and spread base evenly on the eye lid for good finishing.
  2. You can use stick as well but try to smudge the stick all over the lid.
  3. Fill half eye lid with eye liner.
  4. Grab a blending brush and blend the edges of the lids where you have applied eye liner.
  5. Highlight brow bone area with white eye shadow. You can use other colors like light pink, light gold etc as well according to the color of your dress.
  6. Brush black eye shadow on the outer edges of eyes on the lid, shape up and blend.
  7. Brush black eye shade under the eye in thin line.
  8. Now curl your lashes with the help of eye lash curler.
  9. Line lower water line of eye with the help of kaajal or eye liner in black color.
  10. Finish your smokey eyes makeup with application of mascara on upper and lower eye lashes.

I have also added pictures for guiding how to make smokey eyes. You can follow steps and make smokey eyes easily and quickly.


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