Latest nail art designs 2012 -2013 – Nail polish designs for girls


Nail art trend is very famous among the young girls. Young girls love to make beautiful nail patterns on their nail. Many new techniques also have been developed due to increasing nail art trend. In markets different nail art kits are also available which have all the things used in making different types of designs on nails like brushes, nail color, glitters etc. as this trend is getting more popularity day by day so, today we will also discuss different type of nail art designs.
Simple nail Art designs:
Simple nail art designs are usually famous among mature girls and women as this type of nail polish designs give very decent, elegant as well as stylish looks. These types of nail art designs are best for working ladies. In these designs just nail emulsion of different colours or patterns is used. To give different looks little glitter designs or designs with any other color can be made on one or two or all the nails. Here we have collected some latest simple nail art designs of year 2012 and 2013.


Glitter nail art designs:

Glitter nail art designs are liked by young ten age girls while they can also be made by everyone while going out for parties for functions. Glitters of two or more colors can be used in making glitter nail patterns on nails. Glitter nail emulsion can also be used in combination with simple glossy or matte nail polish or nail colour. Liquid or powdered both types of glitters are used in making glitter nail art designs. You can get ideas about latest glitter nail art designs by our glitter nail art collection 2012-2013.


Sticker nail art designs:
As name is indicating stickers are used in this type of nail art designs. These designs are common among teenage girls and kids. These designs are very easy to make as just nail polish is applied on nails and ready-made stickers of cartoon characters, patterns etc. are stacked on nails. These sticker nail art pictures have been shown below.


Nail painting:
This type of nail art is little bit difficult to made as different designs and patterns are painted in this type of nail art. These are usually done by professionals. Different types of brushes are used in nail painting. Ready-made kits are also available for simple painting in which two or three coats of different nail colours are applied on nails to make a nail patterns. Some latest designs of nail paint are also given below.


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