Top 10 Tips For Managing Curly Hair


Managing curly hair is an art – an art that requires loads and loads of experiments and patience to get it right. Once you get a hang of what works best with curls, you can be at peace. It is a time consuming, but feasible process. Here are some tips that you can rely on to manage curly hair styles better.

Tips for Managing Curly Hairs

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1. Brush your hair:

Yes, curly hair tends to get all tangled up, and combing it can be a pain. But brushing it for 2 minutes at night helps distribute natural oils from the scalp to the hair. Brushing also helps alleviate split ends and frizzy hair. Make sure that you work on a detangled hair. Using a wide-toothed comb, remove the tangles and knots while applying a little oil or cream to hold it in place. Once your hair loses its knots, you can brush it.

2. Detoxify the hair once a month:

It is always essential to keep your hair free of smog, pollution, sneeze, cough and smoke that get trapped in the hair, rendering it dull and lifeless. And when it comes to curly hair, the process becomes even more important. Detoxifying your hair will help you maintain its health. Choose a detergent-free, herb infused detoxifier for best results.

3. Cleanse the right way:

Choose a shampoo formulated exclusively for curly hair. Choose a detergent and sulphate free shampoo for cleansing.

  • Start working in a bottom-up fashion, with the top portion of the hair being the last to be cleansed.
  • If your hair is super fine, then use a hairnet while taking a shower. While the net will allow water to flow through the strands and enable you to work on your hair with fingers, it will also ensure the retention of that wavy structure.
  • Wash your hair with cold water as it will help retain the moisture in the hair, reducing frizz.
  • Curly hair requires a lot of moisture to stay frizz free, but daily washing can strip it off its natural oils, making it dry or frizzy. Wash your hair 2 to 4 times a week for ideal results.

4. Deep condition regularly:

Keep the frizz off and curls hydrated with a good quality deep conditioning agent. A good conditioner penetrates through the layers of the hair, giving the roots ample moisture to stay frizz free. Detangle the hair before rinsing out the conditioner. This will make styling easier and will also prevent breakage. Apply the conditioner to the mid lengths of the hair, working down to the ends. Do not apply too much of the conditioner as it can make the hair greasy. Wait for about 2 minutes and then rinse it off.

5. Style it correct:

Curly hairstyles look very fashionable when done correctly. Before selecting a curly hairstyle, make sure that your hair is well groomed. Ballerina bands looks best on curly hair. Headband are also ideal for curly hair. Pull the hair back while it is damp to flatten the hair at the crown. This will leave you with soft curls at the ends. Fancy, decorative pins add a touch of elegance to curly hair. The half up, half down hairstyle also looks amazing on curly hair.

6. Ditch your styling tools:

Dry hair is prone to heat damage, so use your tools carefully. Hair styling tools like flat irons and curling tongs are a strict no-no for curls. Always use a heat protectant or serum before you straighten the curls. The moisturizer will prevent the hair from damage, reducing static, and frizz.

7. Trim, trim, and trim:

Trim your hair every two months. Regular trimming will not only keep your tresses in shape, but will also prevent the hair from losing its curl and going straight. Curly hair can look amazing, provided you get the right haircut. Razor and layer haircut is best suited for curly hair. Ask your stylist to use thinning scissors so that it does not become a huge fluffy ball.

8. Do not towel dry the hair:

Scrubbing the strands with a towel causes friction, increasing the amount of frizz in the hair. If required, use a soft fibre cloth to dry your hair. Gently rotate and scrunch the curls in an upward motion to absorb excess water. Let the hair air dry as long as possible. Use a hair dryer only when necessary as too much heat zaps moisture from the curly hair, creating frizz, and flyaways. To avoid such troubles, use a diffuser while blow-drying. Hold the curls in your hand and gently squeeze it while drying. You can also use a light scrunching gel before blow-drying. This will enhance the natural curl of the hair, taming frizz.

Tip: Do not touch your hair while it is drying as that can interfere with the natural formation of the hair, causing frizz.

9. Invest in the right products:

Invest in the right styling products for your hair. Anti-frizz products are best suited for curly hair. Curling mousse and gel are great for adding definition to the curls. For natural and healthy curls, use a styling gel that is free from alcohol and silicon.

  • Put some gel or mousse in your palm, rub the palms, and apply it to the curls to ensure even distribution.
  • Use the product straight out of shower when your hair is still damp. This will trap the moisture in the hair, giving you thick and bouncy curls.
  • If, by mistake you have smothered too much gel, take a towel and crunch your hair dry. This will give you natural looking curls.
  • You can also apply a leave-on conditioner to add moisture to the hair.
  • Use styling products in restricted quantities to avoid that greasy look. Using a sea salt spray will redefine the curls and will improve their texture.

10. Volume:

Lift and clip the hair while it is still wet to make your hair voluminous. This will allow the hair to dry faster and form an even curl pattern from roots to the tips.

You don’t need silky straight hair to look beautiful. Curly hair has its own unique character. For one, you’ll never be a part of the crowd and will always stand apart! Isn’t that wonderful? And with the tips mentioned above, you can now manage your curls and make them look better still!

Curly hairstyles always look fashionable and stylish when managed correctly. People with natural curls have always been considered lucky as they less efforts to make their curly hairstyle look attractive. So let’s begin on curly hair styles and everything which concerns it.

Top Curly Hairstyles for Women

Curly hair style brings out the best in a lady but before you select a curly hair style make sure that the hair are well managed and are well cared. It is seen that curly hair tend to be frizzy and dry, so you require to try different curly hair styles. People like short curly hair style over long curly hairstyle as they need less attention.
People having curly hairstyle make use of headbands, they smooth the curly hair against the scalp. Fancy decorative pins can also be used elegantly for the curly hairstyle. Beautiful curly hairstyles will surely make you feel better and may help you find more joy in your life.

So the perfect curly hairstyles is to not just be more beautiful but more assured and comfortable with who you are. Most straight-haired girls would love to have a head full of curls. Here are some pictures which will help you if you want to know that how to manage curly hair styles.

What do you do to manage your curly hair? If you have some grandma secrets for maintaining curls, do share with us.



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