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“The highest happiness on earth is marriage”. William Lyon Phelps This is a very famous saying of William Lyon and surely its right. Marriage or wedding day is the most important day of bride and groom. So bride and groom are very excited about their wedding day. Special preparations have been done on that day as bride and groom the center of concentration of everybody. Although preparations of bride and groom bot are important but preparation of bride is more important, as it includes many things like wedding dress, Wedding shoes, bridal jewelry, makeup etc. A lot of money is spent on these things. So to help you and to guide you today we are discussing bridal trends 2012. In which we will discuss not only bridal dresses trends 2012, but bridal shoes, bridal makeup, bridal jewelry, and bridal accessories 2012 as well.

Bridal dresses 2012:
No doubt dress is most important part of all the bridal preparations as it can change the overall looks and personality of bride. Bridal shoes, makeup and jewelry are also selected according to the colour of dress. As far as bridal trends 2012 for dresses are concerned in Pakistan long shirts with sharara and lehnga are in. Usually long shirt have open front and heavily embroidered. We are presenting some beautiful bridal dresses 2012 below.



Bridal makeup 2012:

Makeup is also very important for the bride which can change the outlook of bride if properly done. Here we are presenting some samples of bridal makeup trends 2012. Bridal eye makeup is most important part of makeup which should be done properly and the shades used in bridal eye makeup should match the bridal outfit. In year 2012 smoky eye makeup is in trend in bridal eye makeup. In which shade matching with bridal dress is blended with black or grey eye shades. Blending of shades should be done properly. Lipsticks are used in light colours with smoky eyes. Have a look below.




Bridal shoes 2012:
Long heels and fancy shoes are used on wedding day. Usually matching shoes with dress are used. Common colors of bridal shoes are red, golden, and silver. Here we are presenting some styles of bridal shoes 2012.












Bridal jewelry 2012:
Bridal jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, rings and bangles. Stone and diamonds are used in bridal jewelry. Jewelry of Gold and white gold both are in trend.Kundan jewelry is mostly used by Pakistani brides. Maatha patti or singhar patti trend is very in this year. Especially in indian brides are considered incomplete without this.


Bridal mehndi 2012:
Asian brides are considerd incomplete without mehndi. Mehndi is applied on hands, wrists, arms and feet as well. Arabic mehndi is famous and as it looks prominent on the hands of bride. Here you can see bridal mehndi designs 2012 as well.


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